Here are a few free board games. You can print them out on any compute printer with some additional assembly required, and you have a new game to play!

A card game based on the game of tic-tac-toe. For one or two players.

I wrote this one as part of the BayCon 2009 "Iron Game Design Competition". For two players.

(coming soon)

Hangman's Revenge
A word game with some bidding elements, based on the game "Hangman".

X Machina
A fun two-player game that teaches about computer programming.

Prophecy Trails
A card game for two to four players that uses intuition and planning as strategies.

Make A Circuit With Me
A game-in-progress that teaches about electrical engineering and circuit design.

Tony Hawk: The Board Game
Another game-in-progress that mimics the popular Tony Hawk videogames.

I translated the rules for "Das Gurkensolo" (aka "Mixed Pickles") from German to English. It's a great game by by Miek Neuwahl published in 1993 by PERI Spiele, It's a "racing game", with an interesting twist based on logic and bluffing.

See my English translation of the rules
Check out a Word document with both German and English (in progress). Please feel free to correct my translation or any misinterpretation of the rules that I may have made. Please email me if you see anything funny.

And here's a translation of a German game called "Kackel Dackel":

Translation as a Word (docx) document
Translation as an html web page

And here's a list of board games that I own, courtesy of Board Game Geek.