Best CDs of 1996

1. Garbage "Garbage"
2. Semisonic "Across the Great Divide"
3. Beck "Odelay"
4. Imperial Teen "Seasick"
5. Jason Falkner "Jason Falkner Presents Author Unknown"
6. Bob Mould "Bob Mould"
7. Tool "Aenima"
8. Steeleye Span "Time"
9. Firewater "Get Off the Cross... We Need the Wood for the Fire"
10. Electric Bonsai Band "Lounging in the Belly of the Beast"
Cordelia's Dad "Road Kill"/ Oysterband "Alive & Shouting"
Fountains of Wayne "Fountains of Wayne"
They Might Be Giants "Factory Showroom"
Martin Newell "The Off White Album"
Barenaked Ladies "Born on a Pirate Ship"
Alan Parsons "On Air"
16 Horsepower "Sackcloth 'n' Ashes"
Wild Colonials "This Can't Be Life"
Sountrack "Rent" (Original Broadway Recording)
Levellers "Zeitgeist"
Gravity Kills "Gravity Kills"
The Heads "No Talking, Just Head"
Cibo Matto "Viva! La Woman"
The Connells "Weird Food and Destruction"
Soul Coughing "Irresistable Bliss"
Pearl Jam "No Code"
Richard Thompson "You? Me? Us?"
R.E.M. "Adventures in Hi-Fi"

Worst CDs of 1996

1. Ministry "Filth Pig"
2. Sting "Mercury Falling"
3. Prince "Chaos and Disorder" and "Emancipation" (tie)
4. Tori Amos "Boys for Pele"
5. Peter Himmelman "Stage Diving"
Danny Elfman "Mission Impossible" (soundtrack)
Martin Zeller and the Hardways "Martin Zeller and the Hardways"
Dishwalla "Pet Your Friends"
Paul Westerberg "Eventually"

Best CD Cover of 1996

1. Beck "Odelay"
Firewater "Get Off the Cross... We Need the Wood for the Fire"
Alan Parsons Project "On Air"
Tool "Aenima"
Semisonic "Great Divide"
Polara "Pantomime"

Worst CD Cover of 1996

1. Phish "Billy Breathes"
Aphex Twin "I Care Because You Do"
Butthole Surfers "Electric Larryland"
Tori Amos "Caught a Lite Sneeze" (CD single)
Tori Amos "Boys for Pele"
Soul Coughing "Irresistable Bliss"
Phil Collins "Dance Into the Light"
Bush "Razorblade Suitcase"
Prince "Emancipation"
Black 47 "Green Suede Shoes"

Best Movies of 1996

1. Funny Bones
2. Trainspotting
3. Fargo
4. Bottle Rocket
5. A Midwinter's Tale
6. Shine
7. The Cable Guy
8. Kingpin
9. The Long Kiss Goodnight
10. Beautiful Thing
Unstrung Heroes
Home For the Holidays
The Associate
Sling Blade
Lone Star
Man of the Year
The Young Poisoner's Handbook
Flirting With Disaster
The Late Shift
Secrets & Lies
The People vs. Larry Flynt
Dead Man
Marvin's Room
Welcome to the Dollhouse
Antonia's Line
Cold Comfort Farm
The English Patient
Independence Day
The Bird Cage"

Worst Movies of 1996

1. The Fan
2. Total Eclipse
3. Heat
4. The Arrival
5. The Island of Dr. Moreau
6. The Last Supper
7. The Pallbearer
8. Chain Reaction
9. Nixon
10. Rumble in the Bronx
The Immortals
Moll Flanders
Breaking the Waves
Escape From L.A.
Big Night
Lost Highway
The Saint
Absolute Power
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Open Season
The Rock
Space Jam
Bordello of Blood
Jerry MacGuire
101 Dalmatians
The English Patient

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