Best CDs of 2000

1. Tenacious D (collected songs from the HBO series)
2. The Beta Band "Three Eps"
3. Bjork "Dancer In the Dark" (soundtrack)
4. Travis "The Man Who"
5. Radiohead "Kid A"
6. Nine Inch Nails "The Fragile"
7. Kid Koala "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome"
8. Papa Roach "Infected"
9. 16 Horsepower "Secret South"
10. XTC "Wasp Star (Apple Venus Volume 2)"
Bad Religion "The New America"
Coldplay "Parachutes"
Jill Sobule "Pink Pearl"
Billy Bragg and Wilco "Mermaid Avenue Vol. II"
Tori Amos "To Venus and Back"
Wheatus "Wheatus"
Harvey Danger "King James Edition"
Superdrag "In the Valley of Dying Stars"
Elastica "The Menace"
Great Big Sea "Road Rage"
Cheryl Wheeler "Slyvia Hotel"
Tom Green MP3s
The Bloodhound Gang "Hooray for Boobies"
Gay Dad "Leisure Noise"
The Joe Doe Thing "Freedom Is..."
Bad Livers "Blood and Mood"
Nerf Herder "How To Meet Girls"
Deathray "Deathray"
On "Shifting Skin"
Muse "Showbiz"
Rahzel "Make the Music 2000"

Best Techno CDs of 2000

1. Underworld "Everything Everything"
2. Rinrse "Installation Sonore"
3. Everything But the Girl "Tempermental"
4. Space Raiders "Don't Be Daft"
5. DJ Me DJ You "Rainbows and Robots"
Les Rhythmes Digitales "Darkdancer"
Moby Play "Play: The B Sides"
Chemical Brothers "Music Resonse EP"
Soundtrack "Logan's Sanctuary"
Apollo Four Forty "Gettin' High On Your Own Supply"
Titan "Elevator"
Mr. Oizo "Analog Worms Attack"
Mucho Macho "The Limehouse Link"
Atomic Babies "Target Android"
Sandra Collins "Tranceport 3"
TRS-80 "The Manhattan Love Machine"
Air "Moon Safari

Best CD Reissues of 2000

1. XTC "Star Park"
2. Raymond Scott "Manhattan Research Inc."
3. NRBQ "Scraps"
4. Various Artists "Ohm, The Early Gurus of Electronic Music: 1948-1980"
5. Laurie Anderson "Talk Normal: The Laurie Enderson Anthology"
Richard and Linda Thompson "The Best Of..."
Various Artists "Early Modulations: Vintage Volts"
Raymond Scott "Soothing Sounds for Baby" (Volumes 1-3)
Blur "The Best Of"
Superdrag "Stereo '360 Sound'"
Various Artists "Modulations: Cinema for the Ear"
Indigo Girls "Retrospective"

Worst CDs of 2000

1. Billy Joel "2000 Years: The Millennium Concert"
2. Paul Simon "You're the One"
3. The Fixx "1011 Woodland"
4. Barenaked Ladies "Maroon"
5. Fatboy Slim "Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars"
Fatboy Slim "The Fatboy Slim/ Norman Cook Collection"
Black 47 "Trouble in the Land"
A Perfect Circle "Mer de Noms"
Live "The Distance to Here"
Bush "The Science of Things"
Indigo Girls "Come On Now Social"
Soundtrack "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"
The Beta Band "The Beta Band"

Best CD Cover of 2000

1. Radiohead "Kid A"
Pink "Can't Take Me Home"
Marilyn Manson "Holy Wood (In the Valley of the Shadow of Death)"
P.O.D. "Fundamental Elements Of Southtown"
The Bloodhound Gang "Hooray for Boobies" A Perfect Circle "Mer de Noms"

Worst CD Cover of 2000

1. Fishbone "Psychotic Friends Nuttwerx"
NOFX "Pump Up the Valium"
No Doubt "Return of Saturn"

Best Movies of 2000

1. High Fidelity
2. O Brother Where Art Thou?
3. The Contender
4. The Big Kahuna
5. You Can Count On Me
6. Traffic
7. Quills
8. Illuminata
9. Anatomy
10. Almost Famous
Dancer in the Dark
Best In Show
The Broken Hearts Club
Erin Brockovich
Princess Mononoke
Saving Grace
Heidi Fleiss: Hollywood Madam

Worst Movies of 2000

1. Battlefield Earth
2. Eyes Wide Shut
3. Unbreakable
4. Jack Frost
5. The Ninth Gate
6. The Cell
7. Hollow Man
8. Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2
9. Cast Away
10. The Next Best Thing
Meet the Parents

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