Best CDs of 2003

1. The Postal Service "Give Up"
2. The Liars "They Threw Us All In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top"
3. The White Stripes "Elephant"
4. The Faint "Danse Macabre Remixes"
5. Fountains Of Wayne "Welcome Interstate Managers"
6. Joe Jackson Band "Volume 4"
7. Jill Sobule "Be Mine..."
8. The Thrills "So Much For The City"
9. Death Cab For Cutie "Transatlaniticism"
10. The Polyphonic Spree "The Beginning Stages Of..."
Ben Kweller "Sha Sha"
The Darkness "Permission To Land"
Nada Surf "Let Go"
Blur "Think Tank"
Soundtrack "Avenue Q"
The Raveonettes "Chain Gang Of Love"
Rufus Wainwright "Want One"
Jane Jensen "Burner"
Zwan "Mary Star of the Sea"

Best Techno CDs of 2003

1. FC/Kahuna "Machine Says Yes"
The Crystal Method "Tweekend"

Best CD Reissues of 2003

The Chemical Brothers "Singles 93-03"
Ministry "Sphinctour"
The Suburbs "Chemistry Set"

Worst CDs of 2003

1. DJ Me DJ You "Can You Feel The Music"
2. Space Raiders "Hot Cakes"
3. Cornershop "Handcream For A Generation"
4. Laurie Anderson "Life On A String"
5. Soundtrack "Queer As Folk: The Third Season"
Blue Man Group "The Complex"

Best CD Cover of 2003

1. (none)

Worst CD Cover of 2003

Ludacris "Chicken And Beer"
The Bronx "The Bronx"

Best Movies of 2003

1. Pirates of the Caribbean
2. The Business of Fancydancing
3. Chicago
4. Bowling for Columbine
5. Finding Nemo
The Four Feathers
The Good Thief
Kill Bill Vol. 1
Russian Ark

Worst Movies of 2003

Matrix Revolutions
Full Frontal
Master of Disguise

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