Top Twenty-Five Records/CDs/Cassettes
1. Thomas Dolby "The Golden Age of Wireless"
2. XTC "Skylarking"
3. Duran Duran "Rio"
4. Oingo Boingo "Good For Your Soul"
5. Wall of Voodoo "Call of the West"
6. The Pogues "If I Should Fall From Grace With God"
7. Alan Parsons Project "I, Robot"
8. Nine Inch Nails "Pretty Hate Machine"
9. They Might Be Giants "Lincoln"
10. Marillion "Misplaced Childhood"
11. Husker Du "Candy Apple Grey"
12. Tom Waits "Rain Dogs"
14. Laurie Anderson "United States I-IV"
15. Ben Folds Five "Ben Folds Five"
16. The Waterboys "Fisherman's Blues"
17. Alan Parsons Project "Turn of a Friendly Card"
18. Joe Jackson "Look Sharp"
19. The Police "Synchronicity"
20. Barenaked Ladies "Gordon"
21. The Fixx "Reach the Beach"
22. R.E.M. "Document"
23. Depeche Mode "Some Great Reward"
24. Men At Work "Business As Usual"
25. Cordelia's Dad "Cordelia's Dad"
Laurie Anderson "Big Science"
Chess (London Cast)
The Call "Reconciled"
Prince "Sign O' The Times"
Sinead O'Connor "The Lion and the Cobra"
Kate Bush "Hounds of Love"
Radiohead "Ok Computer"
Tool "Undertow"
The Bobs "My, I'm Large"
Les Miserables (London Cast)
Indigo Girls "Indigo Girls"
Peter Schilling "Error in the System"
Wang Chung "Points on the Curve"
Various Artists "Stay Awake"
Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon"
Husker Du "Warehouse: Songs and Stories"
The Housemartins "People Who Grinned Themselves To Death"
Paul Simon "Hearts and Bones"
Jimmy Eat World "Bleed American"
Farm Accident "Farm Accident"
Connemara "Tempest"
Aztec Camera "High Land, Hard Rain"
Regina Spektor "Begin To Hope"
Joan Armatrading "The Key"
Art of Noise "In Visible Silence"
Alan Parsons Project "Tales of Mystery and Imagination"
Billy Joel "The Nylon Curtain"
Electric Bonsai Band "I Am Joe's Eyes"
Toad the Wet Sprocket "Fear"
The Dbs "Fear of Music"
Tears for Fears "Songs From the Big Chair"
Gotye "Making Mirrors"
Psychedelic Furs "Mirror Moves"
The The "Infected"
Alan Parsons Project "Eye in the Sky"
Sussman Lawrence "Pop City"
Tracy Chapman "Tracy Chapman"
Steeleye Span "Tempted and Tried"
Donel MacIan (all)
Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprascy
Front 242 "Front By Front"
Mouth Music "Mouth Music"
Liz Phair "Exile in Guyville"
Los Lobos "Kiko"
Freuer "Doot Doot"
Living Colour "Vivid"
Uncle Bonsai "Men and Women"
Steeleye Span "All Around My Hat"
Alan Parsons Project "Ammonia Avenue"
Oingo Boingo "Oingo Boingo" (4 Song EP)
Daniel Amos "Doppelganger"
The Vapors "New Clear Days"
Mental As Anything "Creatures Of Leisure"
Kansas "Point of Know Return"
Uncle Bonsai "Boys Want Sex in the Morning"
Clannad "Legend"
Oingo Boingo "Only a Lad"
Steeleye Span "Back in Line"
Cats Laughing "Cats Laughing"
Danny Elfman "So-Lo"
The Suburbs "Love is the Law"
Red 7 "Red 7"
Oingo Boingo "Nothing To Fear"
Flathead "Flathead"
Oyster Band "Ride"
Levellers "Levelling the Land"
Steeleye Span "Below the Salt"
Peter Himmelman "This Father's Day"
Connemara "Tempest"
Alanis Morrisette "Jagged Little Pill"
Nena "99 Luftballoons"
Billy Dankert "Bowling Shoes Blues"
Phil Collins "Hello I Must Be Going"
J. Geils Band "Freeze Frame"
Oingo Boingo "Dead Man's Party"
Marianne Faithfull "A Secret Life"
Live "Mental Jewelry"
Joe Jackson "Live"
Paul Simon "Graceland"
Martin Newell "Greatest Living Englishman"
Garbage "Garbage"
Billy Joel "Glass Houses"
Beat the Clock "Funk Bus"
Phil Collins "Face Value"
Hector Zazou "Songs From the Cold Seas"


Bob Mould "Workbook"
Yello "Stella"
Richard Thompson "Small Town Romance"
Richard Thompson "Across A Crowded Room"
Richard and Linda Thompson "Shoot Out the Lights"
Richard and Linda Thompson (others)
Bad Religion ""
Men At Work "Cargo"
XTC "Mummer"
XTC "Black Sea"
XTC "English Settlement"
XTC "Oranges & Lemons"
XTC "Nonsuch"
XTC "Apple Venus, Vol. 1"
XTC "White Music"
XTC "Go 2"
Peter Holsapple "Out of My Way"
Duran Duran "Arena"
Laurie Anderson "Mister Heartbreak"
Cordelia's Dad "How Can I Sleep"
The Police "Ghost In the Machine"
The Police "Regatta De Blanc"
The Police "Zenyatta Mondatta"
The Police "Outlandos D'amour"
Duran Duran "Duran Duran"
Duran Duran "Seven and the Ragged Tiger"
The Pogues "Rum, Sodomy and the Lash"
The Pogues "Red Roses For me"
The Pogues "Poguetry In Motion"
Oingo Boingo "Boi-Ngo"
Husker Du "Flip Your Wig"
The Fixx "Phantoms"
The Suburbs "Dream Hog"
The Housemartins "London 4 Hull 0"
Pink Floyd "Wish You Were Here"
Pink Floyd "The Wall"
Pink Floyd "Momentary Lapse of Reason"
The Dbs "Like This"
Maryn Cadell
Aztec Camera "Knife"
Aztec Camera (EP)
Alan Parsons Project (others)
Steeleye Span (others)
The Bobs (others)
Art of Noise (others)
Placebo "Without You I'm Nothing"
16 Horsepower "Low Estate"
Superdrag "Head Trip In Every Key"
Harvey Danger "Where Have All the Merrymakers Gone?"
Semisonic "Feeling Strangely Fine"
Radiohead "Ok Computer"
Pearl Jam "Ten"
Thomas Dolby
Gear Daddies
16 Horsepower
Boiled in Lead
Chick Corea
Jean Michael Jarre
Rush "Moving Pictures"
Freedy Johnston
Replacements "Please To Meet Me"
Replacements "Tim"
Husker Du "Zen Arcade"
U2 "Under a Blood Red Sky"

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