Best Concerts I've Seen
1. Peter Himmelman at the Guthrie
2. Cats Laughing at MiniCon
3. Cordelia's Dad/ Boiled in lead at First Ave
Mental as Anything/ Men at Work
Genesis (free tickets)
Flathead on the mall
Gallowglass at cofee house or Ren Fest
Donel MacIan at Ren Fest
Los Lobos at First Ave
Savage Aural Hotbed at International Mr. Leather Chicago 1997
Freedy Johnston at Mill City Music Festival
OMD/Depeche Mode at Northrup
Replacements at Orpheum
Farm Accident at Riverplace (or on the Mall)
Brian Dewan/ They Might Be Giants at Bluebird
Barenaked Ladies downtown
16 Horsepower at the Bluebird
Limited Warranty/ The Suburbs at the State Fair
Connemara in Estrella parking lot
Gear Daddies at U of M
Beat the Clock at the 400
Boiled in Lead at community center
Willie Murphy at the 400
The Wallets

Concerts I Wish I Would Have Seen
1. Oingo Boingo (any Halloween show)
2. Waterboys (Fisherman's Blues tour)
3. Thomas Dolby
4. Husker Du
5. Wall of Voodoo
Pogues (Fall From Grace of God tour, any others)
16 Horsepower
Nine Inch Nails
Laurie Anderson (United States I-IV tour)
They Might Be Giants (Lincoln tour)
The Police (Synchronicity tour)
U2 ("Under a Blood Red Sky" at Red Rocks)
Liz Phair "Exile in Guyville" tour
The Call
Joe Jackson
The Fixx
Sinead O'Connor (Lion and the Cobra tour)
Pearl Jam (Ten or Animal tours)
Alanis Morisette
Wang Chung (Points on the Curve tour)
Steeleye Span
Sussman Lawrence
The Bobs (w/ ISO)
Mouth Music
Aztec Camera
Living Colour (Vivid tour)
Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon or The Wall tours)
Toad the Wet Sprocket (Fear tour on the Hill)
The Housemartins
Tears for Fears
Oyster Band
The Dbs

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