Top Ten Albums Unavailable on CD
1. Farm Accident "Farm Accident", "Southwest Corner"
2. Connemara "Tempest"
3. Scruffy the Cat "Boom Boom Boom Bingo"
4. Scruffy the Cat "High Octane Revival"
5. Linda Thompson "One Clear Moment"
The Suburbs "Love is the Law", "Dream Hog", "Credit in Heaven", "Combo" (all)
Thomas Dolby "Wreck of the Fairlight" (all others unreleased)
Two Men, A Drum Machine, and a Trumpet "Tired of Getting Pushed Around" (and "Mayhem Rhythm Remix")
The Call (all full)
Uncle Bonsai "Men and Women" (full)
Donel MacIan (all)
Gallowglass "No Irish Need Apply", "Taking on Water"
Freur "Hold Me (Mother)" & "Riders in the Night (extended mix)"
Boiled in Lead "Boiled Alive" "A & E (the first)
Zang Tuum Tumb Sampler
"Live! For Life" (various)

MP3s But Not CDs
Oingo Boingo "Oingo Boingo" (Four Song EP)
Red 7 "Red 7"
Cats Laughing "Cats Laughing"
J. Geils Band "You're Getting Even, While I'm Getting Odd"

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